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November 2, 2012
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NADOTO preset WIP by moonlight-wolf-rulez NADOTO preset WIP by moonlight-wolf-rulez

This is the WORK IN PROGRESSSS of my halloween preset on FeralHeart

yes i know im a little late. I got hit by Hurricane sandy and my power was out and on top of it all i just got my computer back today so i started working.

just this part of the preset. (Head eyes and teeth) took me a combined total of 3.2 hours to put together GRAH.

but yeah. Nadoto is my new baby.

what is nadoto you may ask?
Well Nadoto is a spirit thing that is known as "The Nightmare"

it absorbs the souls of creatures that have been living without honesty, respect, or compassion for others.
Homewreckers, heartbreakers, liars, cheaters, murderers, thieves, con artists... and much more... mainly people who have been doing too much wrong to others.

Nadoto is over 2,000 years old, being the size of the average male siberian tiger, this critter is not something you wanna mess with.
It has a signature noise it makes... thats the sound you hear when youre being targeted...
it gapes it mouth open and out comes an echoy, eerie, extremely low frequency, crackily, snarl of sorts.
And thats not all... said snarl seems to be layered in sound... as in it sounds like there are multiple snarls in one. it actually has been reported to sound like 3. each layer a different noise.
the bottom layer is a very low pitched, steady, harmonious howl like sound.
the middle layer is the basic snarl. the echoy eerie crackily sound.
the top layer, this one is a killer on your ears, sounds similar to the sound you hear when someone scratches a chalkboard.
the middle noise is the most apparent, though.

Nadoto also has the ability to copy any sound it hears. but it twists the sound into a demonic noise... different for every sound...
Lets say child laughter..
the sound of a ton of kids laughing together... the sound will start like that... and then it will turn into what sounds like artificial screams of children being tormented or something.

a birdcall could turn into a screech on a chalkboard

the sound of dogs barking may turn into glass breaking

the sound of even someone saying "Hello" could start like that and then turn into an extremely creepy echoy whisper pattern...
you never know what will happen honestly.

The way Nadoto hunts a person is as follows... lets go by example, yes?
Thomas, a 22 year old man from somewhere in england was a complete con artist with ladies. hed lead them on and then suddenly ruin their lives by spreading horrible things about them or simply take loads of money from them and mess things up and blame said things on them... he was known for this...
One night, Thomas was sleeping, with one of his girlfriends at his side... He began to dream.
It was dark. It appeared to be a long road that never looked like it would end with old torn up buildings alongside it....
Thomas walked down the road... simply making his way to what he thinks may be an ending eventually he sighs, suddenly he hears a noise... it was the sound of his own sigh, but he wasnt doing it... the sigh progressed into what seemed like a really long breath that slowly turned into an extremely eerie echoing chain of whispers saying some words he couldnt understand.... he continued to walk on, it seemed to be getting darker and darker... the road finally ended with a broken bridge. looking down, thomas sees nothing but darkness. He decides he may just need to walk back. He slowly began to turn around, feeling something behind him.
about a quarter of a foot from his face sat a huge demonic looking canine of sorts, perfectly eye to eye with thomas... its eyes missing and its bones exposed in various places... it had stitches everywhere and its tail seemed to be made of some sort of blade... A single whisper echoed around thomas...
He then repeated the name, as if out of reflex. "Nadoto..."
He was suddenly unable to move, forced to stare into the eyeless beast as it just sat there making no sound.
It suddenly gaped it jaws, letting loose a roar in thomases face. he suddenly blacked out.
he woke up the next morning terrified.
1 week later, Thomas' body was found near a broken bridge that was under repairs... his body was completely gray. not any color in sight on, in, or within a 2 foot radius of his body. the grass was gray and dead, an unlucky spider, completely white and dead. Thomas' eyes were missing as well, black blood leaking out of them.

Nadoto took his soul.

So thats a brief story of just about what happens when you get encountered by this critter. creepy eh?

There's a quote that goes along with this demon...
"If you hear the wind whisper in a timely manner without the presence of a breeze's saunter, the nightmare is here to watch your moves. Forget that you saw it or your soul you will lose."

This simply means...
"If you hear a noise that sounds natural yet completely unnatural without there being any source for the noise, Nadoto is nearby. If you forget who you are and completely forget that you experienced a moment with him, you will be safe until he haunts your dreams again. if not, he will take your soul and leave you dead."

so yeah :D whoop.

now to finish this preset sometime in the near future.

comments? Critiques? opinions? LOVES?

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Partytime12 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
Could you make one for me?
TehWolfLuvver Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Can i download?
xPuRfectDiSastRx Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Love it! the description is so creepy...just the way I like it. Maybe when you're finished, we could start a role play for this fella
moonlight-wolf-rulez Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist

finished :U

and im thinking of doing something like that.

i may just use him to troll tho. always a good time.

xPuRfectDiSastRx Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
yeah okay.
ImmyWimmy1 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work!
moonlight-wolf-rulez Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
tyyyy :D
Kanii-Crabb Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
*Reads description* omg, shit. >u< that's, like, epic creepy. I would probably be like "uhh, yeah, i didn't see it...*totally saw it*" ouo Hehe, sigh...

anyway, that blood looks epic real, dood.
it's xD
keep going! 8D
moonlight-wolf-rulez Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist


:U hurrrrr.

and tyyyyyy<3 -pats- i enjoy you as a being.

you have shiekras approval.
this is good.

-scratches your name off of the nadoto shitlist-
Kanii-Crabb Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ohh, woo! :D

Yep, I was right, it's epic creepy. xD
Whoever has him coming after him, I feel sorry for. :3

Your welcome!<33 -is patted- yayy, I enjoy you, too! :D

KANJND. Approval. I like approvals. :3
it is?! YAY! x3

-dances- ;D
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